uv light protection
UV Light Disinfection, Bringing the Power of the Sun Indoors.
UV Light Disinfection, Bringing the Power of the Sun Indoors. Many healthcare facilities use ultraviolet light systems to disinfect patient and operating rooms, Ultraviolet lamps are also used to sterilize...

What Is Brainwave Entrainment
What Is Brainwave Entrainment?
What is brainwave entrainment and how does it really work? How does it bring the brainwaves into sync, and what are the best ways to synchronize our brainwave frequencies?

Theta Waves Brainwave
Theta Waves Assist You Into Deeper States of Meditation
Theta Waves are a very popular choice of frequency among meditators. The many benefits associated with Theta Waves include a slower heart rate, reduced blood pressure, improved concentration.

which chakra do i need to balance
Which Chakra do I Need to Balance?
Learn about the 7 Chakras and which Chakra may be out of alignment for you with this quick start Chakra Guide

learn to meditate with guided meditation
Learn to Meditate with Guided Meditation
Learn to Meditate with Guided Meditation Are you interested in guided meditation but not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve been wanting to incorporate some calm into your life, or maybe...

why meditation should be taught in schools
Why Meditation Should Be Taught In Schools
Meditation can even improve your child’s school work. It will help them to focus and be more attentive. It will help them work harder on their school work

Guided Meditation for Kids
A Guided Meditation for Kids
15:00 Minutes, for ages 5 to 11. This guided meditation for kids will help your child with their confidence, relaxation, and happiness.

eft tapping points
A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping
Meridian Tapping EFT uses finger taps on certain parts of the body to reboot your body and get it working better, when used with specific affirmations it helps to reroute...

how to choose the right meditation music
How to Choose the Right Meditation Music
Guided meditation, chakra meditation, eft tapping meditation, what's the difference? Learn how to pick a meditation that works for you!

eft tapping
Tappermation Training – EFT Tapping
Learn how to use Tappermation's 7 point EFT Tapping system. Tap along with the training videos to learn how to use the body tapping points and begin using Tappermation today.

High Vibrational Drinking
High Vibrational Drinking vs Low Vibrational Drinking
Have you ever had a night out with friends, had a few drinks and laughed, danced, and connected in a way that left you feeling high on life? That’s high...

types of ginseng
Types of Ginseng and their benefits
It is said that ginseng will boost the immune system, enhance vitality, increase physical endurance, increase mental alertness, and treat illnesses