the missing key to the law of attraction
The Missing Key to the Law of Attraction
The Universe is simply a mirror. It cannot bring you what you want, any more than a mirror’s ability to give you the reflection you prefer. They both bring you...

Master Cleanse Recipe and Diet Instructions
Master Cleanse Recipe and Diet Instructions
Learn how to start the Master Cleanse lemonade diet. Master Cleanse recipe, instructions and tips to help you begin your cleanse.

how to awaken your higher self
How to Awaken Your Higher Self
the mind can be negative, and the mind isn’t yours, it’s a collection of other peoples beliefs, ideas and thoughts you’ve picked up along the way

The 7 chakras and their meanings
The 7 Chakras and their Meanings
Watch and learn about the 7 Chakras and their meaning in the body, learn how to balance your 7 chakras

what is reiki
What is Reiki and Life Force?
The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – “rei” which means Universal wisdom and “ki” which is life force energy

Guided Meditation Abundance
Guided Meditation for Quick Abundance
Transform the way you think about money to create wealth in your life fast using this 15:00-minute meditation with Brainwave Entrainment

nothing is good or bad for you
Nothing is Good or Bad for You, What You Believe is True!
People who obsess about their diet become the unhappiest of all, carefully sifting through everything they ingest, avoiding a long list of ingredients

how to manifest abundance
How to Manifest Abundance in Your Life FAST!
The Universe is infinitely abundant and it seeks to serve. Allow your heart to open to all possibilities that abundance can come to you, learn how to manifest abundance

should you ignore the opinions of other
Should you Ignore the Opinions of Others?
When dealing with problems in our lives many reach out to close personal friends to share what we are feeling, so should you ignore the opinions of others?

when you feel stuck
When You Feel Stuck, Your Work is Vibrational Not Physical
We would like to focus your attention on the topic of resistance as when You Feel Stuck, Your Work is Vibrational, not physical.

starve your fears by feeding your dreams
Starve your Fears by Feeding your Dreams
Today we would like to focus your attention on the power of your thoughts. Certainly, many of you are aware that your thoughts are the driving force that creates your...