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Become A Reiki Master

Learn the power of Reiki to heal yourself and others.

Reiki Self Healing
Reiki Self Healing

Do You Feel Called to Become A Healer?

Start your journey today...

Learn Reiki

Give the Gift of Reiki Healing to Yourself and Others

Tap into universal energy to heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.

Become A Reiki Master

In 3 weeks or less you can learn Reiki and become a Certified Reiki Master

"My experience with this course has been so wonderful. I have gained tools for self-healing, and resources for working with others."
Amy B.

What You Will Learn

This video learning course includes over 50 videos and 25 downloadable documents, you will learn Reiki 1, 2, and 3 and become a Certified Reiki Master.

Reiki Level 1

Learn the fundamentals of Reiki and how to start your Reiki practice

Reiki Level 2

Dive deeper into your Reiki understanding and increase your Reiki power

Reiki Level 3

Become a Master Reiki Healer, earn your Reiki certification

Lesson Plan


Includes 19 Videos + 3 PDFs

● Reiki 1-01 Introduction to the Program
● Reiki 1-02 Background of Master Kataka
● Reiki 1-03 What is Reiki and Life Force
● Reiki 1-04 The Reiki Degrees
● Reiki 1-05 The Reiki Kanji
● Reiki 1-06 The Precepts
● Reiki 1-07 The Origins of Reiki
● Reiki 1-08 Kotodama, The Lost Teachings
● Reiki 1-09 Applying the Kotodama
● Reiki 1-10 The Kotodama Revealed
● Reiki 1-11 PEMS
● Reiki 1-12 Healer Defined
● Reiki 1-13 Reiki Guided Music Meditation
● Reiki 1-14 Physics of Energy and Healing
● Reiki 1-15 Creating a Healing Space
● Reiki 1-16 Reiki Hand Positions
● Reiki 1-17 The Seven Chakras and Reiki
● Reiki 1-18 Reiki One Attunement
● Reiki I-19 Reiki One Homework

After completing Reiki Level 1 you will be able to give Reiki to yourself for deep personal healing.

Includes 17 Videos + 8 PDFs

● Reiki 2-01 Symbol One
● Reiki 2-02 Symbol Two
● Reiki 2-03 Symbol Three
● Reiki 2-04 Preparation for Client Session
● Reiki 2-05 Client Session Protocol
● Reiki 2-06 The Three Pillars
● Reiki 2-07 Byosen
● Reiki 2-08 The Reiki Healing Session
● Reiki 2-09 Using Crystals with Reiki
● Reiki 2-10 Managing and Treating Pain
● Reiki 2-11 Reiki for Objects
● Reiki 2-12 Distance Reiki
● Reiki 2-13 Ethics of Distance Reiki
● Reiki 2-14 Manifesting with Reiki
● Reiki 2-15 Reiki Power Sandwich
● Reiki 2-16 Reiki Two Attunement
● Reiki 2-17 Reiki Two Homework

After completing Reiki Level 2 you will be able to give the gift of healing to yourself and others.

Includes 14 Videos + 13 PDFs

● Reiki 3-01 Symbol Four
● Reiki 3-02 Symbol Five
● Reiki 3-03 Symbol Six
● Reiki 3-04 Alternative Symbol Forms
● Reiki 3-05 Reiki Lineage Tree
● Reiki 3-06 Group Reiki Healing
● Reiki 3-07 Reiki Client Healing Ethics
● Reiki 3-08 The Attunement Process
● Reiki 3-09 The Attunement One Process
● Reiki 3-10 The Attunement Two Process
● Reiki 3-11 The Attunement Three Process
● Reiki 3-12 Reiki Three Attunement
● Reiki 3-13 Reiki Guided Music Meditation
● Reiki 3-14 Reiki Three Homework

After completing Reiki Level 3 you will become a certified Reiki Master.

Students of the Reiki Mastery program may join us on the first Saturday of each month for a live stream Q&A with Master Kataka Gara, ask questions about the program and hear from other students, this is an interactive experience you won’t want to miss!

Attunements are included via video while you take the course. Students of the Reiki Mastery program may join us us once a month for a live attunement with Master Kataka Gara.


New Students Save 80%


become a reiki master

Reiki Certification Course

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Frequent Questions

Our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, ask us anything in the live chat below!

This program is very comprehensive containing 50 videos, and 25 documents, we recommend taking this course over a 3-Week period. However, there is no schedule or time limit so you are free to go at your own pace!

You will receive lifetime access with your purchase. You can join us for as many live stream events as you wish – Live stream events are the first Saturday of each month starting at 12pm (PST)

While taking the program, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

We offer real time support Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (PST) to access support you can jump into the live chat or send us an email. Most student questions can be answered in the live chat.

Students can also join us for live Q&A events with the teacher to ask your questions directly. 

Included with your purchase is a once-a-month live stream Q&A event with the teacher, you can ask questions and receive a live Reiki healing. The Live Stream events will be available in your student dashboard for easy viewing, you can also access the replays of past events.

Live Stream events are on the first Saturday of each month at Noon (PST) if you are unable to join us live, you can ask your question before the event and watch the replay at a later time. 

New! Live Stream Attunement! You are invited to a live stream mastery attunement once you have completed the course – also the first Saturday of each month. 

Live streams are available to watch from a computer, tablet, or phone. Once you are a student you can also download our newly released mobile app for easy viewing!

This course teaches Usui Reiki founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, plus non-traditional Reiki concepts with Reiki Master Kataka Gara. Non-traditional concepts include Crystal healing, Chakras, manifesting with Reiki, Meditations, and group Reiki healing

Yes! Once you have completed the entire program you will receive personalized Reiki Mastery Certification – this is the highest Reiki Certification available.

You will be able to print your personalized Reiki certificate which is suitable for framing, as proof to your clients when you start your Reiki business.

How Students Give Reiki:

  • Give Reiki to yourself and others
  • Give Reiki in person, by phone, or video
  • Teach Reiki students or take clients
  • Start your own Reiki healing business

Although there are no governmental licensing programs at this time, once you have completed the entire program you will be a certified Reiki Master. 

Many of our students have taken previous Reiki classes.

We welcome all Reiki practitioners, even if you have already taken a Reiki class with another teacher or received a Reiki level in the past. All Reiki teachers teach differently, so we encourage you to review all the levels in this course and take advantage of all the Reiki attunements, so you don’t miss anything. One can never have too many attunements!

Your Reiki energy will only increase with each attunement you receive! We are confident you will learn a deeper aspect of Reiki in this course. Once you have completed the course, you will receive Reiki Mastery certification.

No! You will not be charged any other fees, this is a one-time payment. 

Once you checkout you will receive lifetime access to your course materials, and live stream events, join us for as many as you wish to continue deepening your Reiki energy!

We believe the world is in need of more healers at this time.

Many students who have wanted to take Reiki Training have not been able to do so in the past due to the high costs of many programs. This course is very intensive and was previously taught in person in the United States and Europe by Master Kataka for $3,000 per person.

We have put this program online at an affordable rate to help do our part of creating more healers in the world, by encouraging more students to learn the power of Reiki Healing.

The attunements for each level are given via video during the course. When you are complete with level 3 (Reiki Mastery), you will be invited to a live stream video attunement event with the teacher.

Many Reiki masters now believe that since the pandemic, the world has shifted, and doing an attunement via distance, is appropriate. It is similar to distance Reiki healing.

Although there are no governmental licensing programs at this time, once you have completed the entire program you will be a certified Reiki Master.  This course is not accredited and does not offer any CEUs at this time, but once you receive your certification, this is proof that you have completed the training and are a certified Reiki Master.

Our Feed Your Spirit App is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the app is available for students to easily access their course content.

Once you join as a student you will be sent links to download our mobile app. 

If you decide that this course is not a fit for you, we offer a 7 day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee! Simply send us an email, or pop into the live chat to request your refund.

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Reiki Certificate

After completing the program you will receive your personalized certificate of completion

Reiki Certification

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