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  • Reiki Level 1
  • Reiki Level 2
  • Reiki Level 3
  • Attunements for Levels, 1, 2 & 3
  • Complete 50 Video Program
  • Includes 25 Downloadable Documents
  • Become a Certified Reiki Master
  • Lifetime Access


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Feed Your Spirit Become A Reiki Master Review
Awesome instructor

It's been wonderful and I'm not finished just yet. I feel enlightened.

Dorota L.
United States United States
Feed Your Spirit Become A Reiki Master Review
Excited to heal!

I’m enjoying learning and studying at my own pace. I’m extremely busy with work and this is my escape. I’m so thrilled about healing myself and others. It is the best decision I’ve made in years. The modules are clear and easy to follow and understand. Yes I’m loving the course and would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much!

Angie B.
United States United States
I love the layout

Short videos make it easy to work through the course at my own pace.

rachael b.
United States United States
Great training

I had a wonderful time learning from the videos, following suggested exercises. I have learned a lot about the Reiki background and techniques. Truly amazing experience.

Justyna P.
United States United States
Great way to provide reiki to all

I had already been a reiki practitioner, but after so much time home away from everyone I wanted to refresh myself. This was a great way to do so from home and offered some deeper insight as a second time around learner.

A Feed Your Spirit Customer
Dina I.
United States United States

I can recommend this Reiki course to anyone looking for a solid education in Reiki. Compared to others, the course gives you everything you need at a fraction of the cost. So you really do get your money's worth. The videos are high quality, informative and explain exactly how Reiki works. The course is easy to follow and starts with the basics all the way to Reiki mastery.

Darlene, L.
Life Changing

Kataka made things make sense for me. I have used reiki unknowingly since childhood and for years I have searched for the answers to questions that she provided In the course. My heart is full and I am forever thankful. I did it, I’m a Reiki Master!

Gabriell T.
United States United States
Opening the door to healing and enlightenment

Excellent program! Videos are very well done. It comes across in the videos how sincere the Master Teacher is with her teachings. The download material gives extra help with applying what you learn. I'd completed the Level one years ago and found this course to be even more enlightening. I've finished Level two and excited to complete my Level three soon to become a Reiki Master myself. As a nurse I look forward to being able to further help clients with this additional modality.

Mark O.
United States United States
Feed Your Spirit Become A Reiki Master Review
LOVE it!

I had been certified Level 2 back in the 80’s and wanted a refresher. I got WAY more than that. The PDF’s are SO helpful. The way Kataka talks about each symbol and what it means and all the visuals. I HIGHLY recommend this course!

A Feed Your Spirit Customer
Brook V.
United States United States
Feed Your Spirit Become A Reiki Master Review
Reiki Master

It was an amazing experience. I felt reiki healing from my mind to my toes in my sleep. I’ve practiced reiki on myself and felt more healed in my life. I’ve closed my healing journey as the universe has already given me the tools and resources to do the additional healing and then said that this was my last final step of my healing journey. Highly recommend doing waking mastery course for your own healing and for other peoples healing as well. I’ve already packed healing reiki with my clients and has had amazing experience.

Taheera Y.
United States United States
Reiki Master

Very good. I was already Reiki 2 so it was a great primer and took my practice above and beyond.

Pam D.
United States United States
Fantastic Program

Fantastic program, the videos are well made and keep you interested!

Robin, T.

Course Includes

Reiki Level 1

Includes 19 Videos / 3 Downloadable Documents

⟐ Reiki 1-01 Introduction to the Program
⟐ Reiki 1-02 Background of Master Kataka
⟐ Reiki 1-03 What is Reiki and Life Force
⟐ Reiki 1-04 The Reiki Degrees
⟐ Reiki 1-05 The Reiki Kanji
⟐ Reiki 1-06 The Precepts
⟐ Reiki 1-07 The Origins of Reiki
⟐ Reiki 1-08 Kotodama The Lost Teachings
⟐ Reiki 1-09 Applying the Kotodama
⟐ Reiki 1-10 The Kotodama Revealed
⟐ Reiki 1-11 PEMS
⟐ Reiki 1-12 Healer Defined
⟐ Reiki 1-13 Reiki Guided Music Meditation
⟐ Reiki 1-14 Physics of Energy and Healing
⟐ Reiki 1-15 Creating a Healing Space
⟐ Reiki 1-16 Reiki Hand Positions
⟐ Reiki 1-17 The Seven Chakras and Reiki
⟐ Reiki 1-18 Reiki One Attunement
⟐ Reiki I-19 Reiki One Homework

After completing Reiki Level 1 you will be able to give Reiki to yourself for deep personal healing.

Reiki Level 2

Includes 17 Videos / 8 Downloadable Documents

⟐ Reiki 2-01 Symbol One
⟐ Reiki 2-02 Symbol Two
⟐ Reiki 2-03 Symbol Three
⟐ Reiki 2-04 Preparation for Client Session
⟐ Reiki 2-05 Client Session Protocol
⟐ Reiki 2-06 The Three Pillars
⟐ Reiki 2-07 Byosen
⟐ Reiki 2-08 The Reiki Healing Session
⟐ Reiki 2-09 Using Crystals with Reiki
⟐ Reiki 2-10 Managing and Treating Pain
⟐ Reiki 2-11 Reiki for Objects
⟐ Reiki 2-12 Distance Reiki
⟐ Reiki 2-13 Ethics of Distance Reiki
⟐ Reiki 2-14 Manifesting with Reiki
⟐ Reiki 2-15 Reiki Power Sandwich
⟐ Reiki 2-16 Reiki Two Attunement
⟐ Reiki 2-17 Reiki Two Homework

After completing Reiki Level 2 you will be able to give the gift of healing to yourself and others.

Reiki Level 3

Includes 14 Videos / 13 Downloadable Documents

⟐ Reiki 3-01 Symbol Four
⟐ Reiki 3-02 Symbol Five
⟐ Reiki 3-03 Symbol Six
⟐ Reiki 3-04 Alternative Symbol Forms
⟐ Reiki 3-05 Reiki Lineage Tree
⟐ Reiki 3-06 Group Reiki Healing
⟐ Reiki 3-07 Reiki Client Healing Ethics
⟐ Reiki 3-08 The Attunement Process
⟐ Reiki 3-09 The Attunement One Process
⟐ Reiki 3-10 The Attunement Two Process
⟐ Reiki 3-11 The Attunement Three Process
⟐ Reiki 3-12 Reiki Three Attunement
⟐ Reiki 3-13 Reiki Guided Music Meditation
⟐ Reiki 3-14 Reiki Three Homework

After completing Reiki Level 3 you will become a certified Reiki Master.


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