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Article: 5 Easy Ways to Increase Energy Levels

5 Easy Ways to Increase Energy Levels - Feed Your Spirit

5 Easy Ways to Increase Energy Levels

Need more Energy?

There is nothing better than feeling full of energy throughout the day. Many of us wake up sluggish and can't seem to shake that tired feeling, reaching for caffeine to get through the day.

Figuring out how to naturally increase energy levels seems to be a hot topic in the age of extreme iced coffee consumption, it is no wonder so many people are reaching out for help with their low energy and fatigue. There are many ways to naturally improve your energy levels, below are five simple things you can do to increase your energy levels naturally!

1. Drink more water

If you are complaining about feeling constantly tired and your friends keep telling you to try drinking more water, they actually have a point. Dehydration can lead to low energy levels because it affects how efficiently the body pumps blood, and oxygen, to the brain and organs. This lack of proper blood flow can lead to feelings of fatigue and lack of concentration. Making sure you get at least half of your weight in ounces per day is a great guide line for water consumption.

2. Exercise to Increase Energy Levels

Implementing an exercise regime into your day-to-day routine is a wonderful way to increase your energy levels. Exercise increases the heart rate and blood flow as well as releases endorphins which all can help increase your energy levels. Studies have also shown that aerobic exercise can decrease the symptoms of depression, which can be a contributing factor in the experience of low energy. Getting in even just 20 – 30 minutes of some form of physical activity every day can work wonders.

3. Drink a green drink in the morning

Getting adequate nutrition directly correlates to high and low energy levels. Antioxidants, in particular, contribute heavily to increased energy levels. Green foods are generally high in antioxidants as well, so consuming greens in the morning can set the foundation for a nutritional day with can give you the energy boost you need. You can find powdered SuperGreen drinks that you simply mix with water, to help start your morning off with a large dose of green vegetables.

4. Limit alcohol consumption

You might think that having a drink before bed will help you sleep better which will therefore give you more energy in the morning, but that isn’t always the case. Alcohol is actually more likely to mess with sleeping patterns. You might sleep the whole night through, but the quality of sleep is not there. Alcohol also leads to dehydration, which described above, causes fatigue. Therefore, if you are struggling with low energy, cutting out alcohol for a bit can be a good experiment to embark on.

5. Meditate Often

Stress can affect energy levels and fatigue in extreme ways. When you implement a meditation routine into your schedule, you can lower stress and increase energy levels. You might initially think that meditation will make you more tired because it relaxes you but balancing your mind and relieving stress will give you more energy in the long run. Meditation has also been known to increase endorphins and improve brain function by increasing blood flow to the brain.

When you feel happy and focused, you feel motivated throughout your day. 15 minutes of daily meditation can completely transform your entire life, try a 15-Minute Meditation here.

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