Tappermation Tapping Meditations

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Tappermation works better and faster than meditation alone using 3 powerful techniques in one to reprogram your negative beliefs in 15-minutes a day
  • EFT Body Tapping
    EFT tapping is a powerful process designed to reroute the brain, by tapping on meridian points, as you tap on your body while listening to affirmations, you will reprogram your mind to think happier thoughts naturally.
  • Brainwave Entrainment
    Brainwave entrainment uses specific frequencies to place your mind into a deep meditation, and hyper-suggestive state, these sounds will allow the meditations to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind… You will feel the effects of these sounds fast!
  • Deep Meditation
    During the last 5 minutes of your tapping meditation, you will be listening to music only, by this portion of your audio you will be in a deep meditative state while listening to the music your brain is working to take in these new programmed thoughts.

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