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Discover the power of reprogramming meditations and create lasting change with EFT Tapping, Brainwave Entrainment, chakra meditation and more.

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I am blown away by the power of Tappermation. Since using one video a day, I feel calmer, more focused and more inspired. I highly recommend it!

- Carol S. Tappermation customer

This program is lifechanging and simple to use. It has been invaluable in helping me to work through my mental blocks and it has made a huge difference in my attitude and outlook towards life. 

- Owen F. Tappermation customer

I'm taking the money manifestation program, using it morning and night, my whole outlook has shifted and opportunities are showing up like never before, great program.

- Eric J. Tappermation customer

Have you ever noticed how repetitive thoughts seem to dictate the course of your life?

Our minds have a remarkable way of running on autopilot, and often, these automatic thoughts can lead us down familiar paths, both positive and negative. But what if I told you that you can change this cycle? That by harnessing the incredible potential of your mind and body, you can manifest a new reality?

Meditation, is a powerful tool that allows you to break free from the constraints of repetitive thoughts and create a life filled with abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

Create A New Reality by Changing The Thoughts You Think

By consistently practicing meditation, you are rewriting the script of your life. You are clearing the way for new, positive beliefs to take root. Imagine a life where you wake up each day with confidence, purpose, and enthusiasm.

As you continue daily, you'll find yourself naturally making choices aligned with your new beliefs. You'll attract opportunities and people who support your growth and well-being. Remember, repetitive thoughts created your past, but your newfound awareness and the power of tapping will shape your future.



Sample from "Boost Self Confidence."

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EFT Tapping Points

Simplified 7 point EFT tapping technique

10 Power Affirmations

Thought reprogramming affirmations based on the video topic you have selected

Brainwave Entrainment

Music to place your mind into a hyper-suggestive state

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15 Minute Meditations

Tapping Meditations

Chakra Meditations

Guided Meditations

Music Meditations

Workbooks and worksheets

Unlimited video streaming 

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