About Feed Your Spirit

Feed Your Spirit was created to help inspire and remind YOU to Feed Your Spirit daily and create a life you will love.

About Feed Your Spirit

Feed Your Spirit, began this epic ride in 2014. We started off as a meditation brand called Kalkuna and moved to Feed Your Spirit in February 2019. Ever since we’ve focused on developing world-class products that give incredible results while offering free daily quotes and videos along the way.  We have received a lot of great support and love, we take this opportunity to thank our community for standing by us on this awesome journey.

Katherine Schneider

Katherine Schneider, founder

Originally from London, I moved to the US at 21 to work in the casino industry, in 2005 I followed my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, opening my first business a health food store in Las Vegas called Raw Health.

Since then, I’ve spent over a decade building companies in the health, wellness and spirituality field. I’m passionate about finding effective ways to help others live their best lives.

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