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Article: High Vibrational Drinking vs Low Vibrational Drinking

High Vibrational Drinking vs Low Vibrational Drinking - Feed Your Spirit

High Vibrational Drinking vs Low Vibrational Drinking

Have you ever woken up hungover with a sinking feeling that you did or said something terrible?

That is a side effect of low vibrational drinking.

Have you ever had a night out with friends, had a few drinks, felt full of
energy, laughed, danced, and connected in a way that left you feeling high on life?

That’s high vibrational drinking.

Many have concluded that drinking is terrible and to be avoided at all costs. If you truly have a lot of negative attachment to the very idea around alcohol or haven’t been able to control the amounts you consume, then for you drinking alcohol should be completely avoided and you probably won’t find much use to read on except to disagree with what I have to say, you may want to read "
When you feel Stuck your work is Vibrational"

This post is for many people who find pleasure with alcohol and want to keep their vibration high, how to know when it’s appropriate to enjoy drinks and when to totally avoid alcohol. A one-size approach doesn’t work for anything in life and just labeling something as “bad” isn’t helpful advice for people who can drink and feel happy, these are simply judgments. You can’t know what’s right for others or dictate someone’s choices, knowing what’s right for you can only be found when you journey within yourself.

So what’s the difference?

Low vibrational drinking is drinking you partake in when you feel stressed out, are sad, depressed, or angry, this can also happen if you hold a negative attachment to the very idea of drinking alcohol such as “alcohol lowers your energy” or “alcohol makes me feel crappy the next day” if you strongly believe these statements then just don’t do it!

Anything you believe is bad for you won’t benefit you in any way.

You will know when you’re drinking alcohol in a low vibrational state and others around you may not like the person you become. This is because the alcohol will enhance your feelings of depression, will make you lash out in anger, cry uncontrollably or say horrible things to those around you. Some express these feelings outwardly hurling these feelings towards others, and some express this internally feeling angry, upset and down with themselves.

Whether it’s expressed inward or outwardly this is the time when drinking alcohol should be a thing to avoid at all costs, instead recognize the feelings that you are having and try to work internally on feeling balanced and happy, you can do this by beginning a daily meditation practice or by just taking an honest look at what’s going on inside.

High vibrational drinking is drinking for pure fun and enjoyment

Enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir with your steak? lovely! A night out with friends? enjoy! Drinking in a happy state can enhance the feelings of joy, fun, and laughter, you may find you open up and connect better with those around you feel more relaxed.

The Feed Your Spirit team experienced a week of high vibrational drinking while spending a week at an Abraham Hicks vacation, we vacationed with 1,000 people who were happy and aligned, we drank, danced, and experienced pure joy for an entire week, the alcohol didn’t affect our experience in any negative way at all because we were all in a happy, excited state.

Of course, we have also experienced low vibrational drinking too, and that’s just no fun at all – Lashing out in anger, or waking up feeling awful just isn't fun, is this the alcohol's fault? NO! Alcohol is simply an amplifier of the emotions you are feeling in the moment, if you're in a great mood, your great mood will be enhanced, if you've had an awful day, you will probably say or do something you will later regret.

If you do notice certain negative emotions arising while drinking alcohol, the first thing you need to do is to stop drinking completely, then, take a good look inside to see what is really going on, what emotions arose?

Take care of those issues before sipping Martinis again!

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