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Article: Nothing is Good or Bad for You, What You Believe is True!

Nothing is Good or Bad for You, What You Believe is True! - Feed Your Spirit

Nothing is Good or Bad for You, What You Believe is True!

Nothing is Good or Bad For You

We are all faced with a lot of choices in life with what we eat and drink, what supplements to take, what exercise to choose and what foods to avoid. With the barrage of information available online it’s easy to start believing all sorts of things about what is good or bad for your body.

Sometimes the people who obsess about this information become the unhappiest of all, carefully sifting through everything they ingest, avoiding a long list of ingredients, and avoiding all fun along the way. Why is it that some people on strict diets look so unhealthy while others who eat what they like look healthier and happier?

When people begin obsessing about every ingredient put into their body they will tend to think negatively about a lot of foods they eat, especially if they stray from their diet, let’s say they are on the go and eat some fries, they have a host of information about how bad for their body these fries are so they eat them expecting a negative outcome. Someone else who doesn’t think much about the same fries will be more likely to eat them with joy and not experience any negative effects.

What about Alcohol?

Why are some people able to drink and enjoy it without a hangover, and some feel rotten the next two days from just one drink? Cultural belief has a lot to do with this, if you visit Italy, for example, it’s common to see people enjoying wine with lunch or dinner, they don’t place negative statements on wine drinking, it’s seen as a complement to a meal.

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In the USA however we are told more often about the negative effects of drinking, so collectively our beliefs are different and we will suffer accordingly.

Nothing is good or bad for you, what you believe is true!

So how do you know what is good and bad for you now? A good start is to understand what you believe already, if you have strong beliefs about certain food or drinks either positive or negative then this is what will be good or bad for you. Start by writing a list of foods that you believe are good for you and foods that are bad for you, this has nothing to do with anyone else’s opinion, just write a list of what you believe.

The first step is to eliminate the food and drink you have identified as bad, you will feel fantastic when you do this because you are eating in alignment with what you believe, you are eating what you think is healthy so you will be healthy and feel good. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with what you are eating, just about how you feel about what you eat.

So, I can never have a drink or pizza again you might ask? While it’s easier to eat what, you believe to be healthy than to change your thoughts about this subject, it can be done with a bit of mind training, this will take some work to reprogram your thoughts, so to begin you will avoid foods you believe to be negative, once you feel positive you have reprogrammed yourself into a different opinion using the tools below then you can reintroduce those foods without the negative effects, and literally eat whatever you want and feel great!

Affirmations to reprogram your beliefs

Repeat these affirmations throughout the day, write them on a card or paper and carry them around with you so you don’t forget, you can choose one food that has been bothering you or work on your whole list.

1. {insert food/drink} works well with my body
2. My body digests {Insert food/drink} with ease
3. {insert food/drink} makes me feel great

If you want to take this a bit further you can use Tappermations EFT tapping program to help reprogram your thoughts, It takes around 21 days to change a belief pattern, so you will want to be consistent with this process. If you are using Tappermation you can do this once a day for 15 minutes a day.

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