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Article: The Best Careers for You According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Careers for You According to Your Zodiac Sign - Feed Your Spirit

The Best Careers for You According to Your Zodiac Sign

What Would Your Astrological Sign Have You Choose as a Career?

Do you ever wonder if you are on the right career path? Perhaps there is something you are destined to do in your life, or perhaps you are ready to take on a new work direction.

Careers and vocations take up a huge portion of our lives before we reach that magical age of retirement! In fact, the worker who puts in the typical 40-hour workweek spends over 2,000 hours a year at work (2,080 if they take a two-week vacation)! Hence, it is indeed very important to choose an occupation that you will enjoy or that at least attracts you.

Here are some suggestions that typically align well with each particular zodiac sign. This is obviously not a fail-proof listing; other factors obviously come into play that are outside of your zodiac signs. However, it is a really good start.

Considering that there are literally thousands and thousands of various careers out there in this big old world, this article will focus on some of the more common categories.

Career Guidelines According to Astrological Signs

For the sake of some practical division, the zodiac signs will be categorized into their element (fire, earth, water, air).

Zodiac Water Signs

The Water Signs

The air signs are possibly more mutable than the water signs. They definitely hold more ability to be elusive or mysterious.

♓ Pisces

The Pisceans (fish) are a bit peculiar in that they are very comfortable “swimming in schools,” which directly means that those persons born in the latter part of February through the latter part of March are usually quite successful when working with the public and in groups.

These individuals are often big-hearted; in turn, the caveat is that they often wear their hearts on their sleeves. Furthermore, the fish can be almost too intuitive and tend to micromanage situations in their work and personal lives. Micromanaging can be a very good thing for certain careers, as long as it doesn’t begin to lean toward being OCD or controlling.

Control does not bid well with the Piscean, as they tend to swim away when their target subject is not complying. Hence, whereas many can be quite successful managers, it may be a much better idea for those born under this water sign to seek out careers where they manage things as opposed to people.

Here are some ideas/suggestions for those born under the sign of Pisces:

  • Photography or other visual artist
  • Museum Curator
  • Entrepreneur or private shop owner
  • Bartender
  • Coffee shop owner and operator
  • Social work/therapist

♋ Cancer

Many people may not realize that those persons born in the latter part of June through the first three weeks of July are actually “crabs!” But these "crustaceans" are very far from being grouchy curmudgeons! Instead, the crab craves and loves family and people. They tend to make big plans and they usually have big hearts.

These individuals make great progress when working on socially driven and home-oriented careers. Just like the other water signs, they are also intuitive.

Here are some great career suggestions/ideas for Cancer:

  • Marketing and Advertising specialist
  • Day care owner/worker
  • Educator or Counselor
  • Bed and Breakfast Host/Hospitality
  • Interior Designer
  • Real Estate Agent

♏ Scorpio

This water sign, much like the crab, not only has claws, but a stinger as well! Scorpio knows how to use these "tools" and might need to keep in mind this tendency. Scorpio is also one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and they often have the ability to see into others so much that they do (try to) control others’ actions.

If the word "management" comes to mind, this is a likely choice, as long as they keep their stinger in check. The Scorpion is probably the most physical of all the signs and therefore can be outstanding in occupations working with the physical bodies of others.

Here are some career ideas for Scorpio:

  • Factory Leadership/Human Resources
  • Nursing, CNA, Caretaker
  • Massage Therapist
  • Parole Officer/Corrections/Law Enforcement
  • College Educator
  • Pilot/Ship Captain/Professional Driver

Zodiac Air Signs

The Air Signs

The air signs are possibly more mutable than the water signs. They definitely hold more ability to be elusive or mysterious.

♒ Aquarius

Alas, mysterious Aquarius are those persons who were the focus of a hit song from the 1970’s so-named “Aquarius.” Much like the song, Aquarians are much like the wind; they can be full of hot air or blow you away, i.e. these characters are unpredictable.

This sign is perhaps one of the most difficult to pinpoint. Envision the Aquarians in your life and you likely will see just how complex, inconsistent, and nonconformist this air sign can be. One thing that most Aquarians are, however, are revolutionaries for change. After all, air, both hot and cold, can be a huge force for change.

This points to careers that allow these change artists to flourish and those assembly-line or monotonous tasks should be discouraged.

Here are some suggested occupations for the Aquarian:

  • Attorney, paralegal, law enforcement
  • Educators, all levels
  • Architects
  • Mechanics and/or engineering
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Business owner/entrepreneur

♊ Gemini

This air sign also has the tendency to be shifty in direction and in function. However, unlike Aquarius, Gemini can be more specifically analyzed, and although they do have that tendency that other “twins” share, it can be fairly said that those born the final week of May through most of June are colorful individuals who are very intuitive into the human psyche, creative, and artistic and generally have a love for mankind. Geminis do well working in social scenarios, creative scenarios, and with other people.

Here are some occupation suggestions for those born under the sign of the twins:

  • Social Worker, Therapist
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Educator, all levels
  • Business or Creativity Consultant
  • Journalist or Editor
  • Tour Guide or Travel Agent

♎ Libra

The final astrological air sign is that of the weights. As the Libran symbol suggests, these individuals are very social creatures. They are very candid about humanities and applying justice to the people and situations. Most Librans gravitate to the color blue because blue is the social butterfly color (think of clever WalMart’s theme color). Librans work well in service industries, although they must be careful when they experience inequalities or unfair situations between groups of people.

With all these factors in mind, these careers are natural suggestions for a Libra:

  • Business entrepreneur, retail shop owner
  • Interior Designer/Architect
  • Attorney, paralegal, city clerks
  • Event and party planner
  • Detective/CSI/FBI personnel
  • Procurement, Museum Curator

Zodiac Fire Signs

The Fire Signs

The fire signs are possibly the most characteristic and mutable of the elements. However, they are often more easily defined and understood than some of the others, which is surprising to some individuals.

♈ Aries

This fire sign is not bull-headed…it is goat-headed. Goats are climbers, though, and likely more stubborn than are bulls. Those born the latter part of March through the end of April can be argumentative, but they are certainly goal-oriented.

There are times that the goat will argue without even realizing what they were arguing about. However, one thing is for sure and that is that the goats do not want to “beat around the bush” -- they are more likely to consume it instead due to their direct and compassionate nature. Careers that are passion-driven often draw Aries, and this includes some of the most “challenging” occupations.

Here are some great careers for Aries:

  • Court Arbitrator/Mediator
  • Financial planner/Business Banker
  • Hair Stylist/Cosmetologist
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Police Officer/Deputy
  • Doctor/Surgeon

♌ Leo

Those born in those hot summer weeks beginning the end of July through much of August are as bold as the climate, and are so-named after the King of the Jungle itself: the Lion. Lions might need to be careful and not choose careers wherein they might insult or intimidate their cohorts with their often overabundance of confidence.

The lion can make an amazing educator or instructor as long as they keep this tendency in mind. Nevertheless, this fire sign works well in leadership or commandeering positions. It is not recommended that these bold felines work in mediocre, low-energy professions.

Here are some suggestions for the Lion:

  • Educator, all levels
  • Team Leader in Production
  • Personal Trainer/Body Builder
  • Clinical Advisor
  • City Leader/Politician
  • Business Coach

♐ Sagittarius

Alas, these dear centaurs are quite the unique creatures with half-bodies of equine and the archer human portion. This is truly symbolic and metaphorical because the Sag's aim may be set to please or to maim depending on the situation.

Centaurs are those born just before Thanksgiving and include those born throughout much of the Christmas holiday season. These mutable creatures need to be kept entertained, busy or enthused. Many born under this sign are also athletic and do well with very physical occupations.

The creative, gregarious centaur would do best in these occupations:

  • Comedian or entertainer
  • Athletic coach or professional sports
  • Travel Agent or Flight Attendant
  • Hospitality/Public Relations Director
  • Attorney/Court Clerk
  • Pilot or other transportation lead

Zodiac Earth Signs

Earth Signs

Finally, the earth signs, as the name implies, are often more "down to earth" and solid.

♉ Taurus

Bless those Taureans’ hearts! They are indeed much like their astrological creature suggests: not really a bully but indeed a creature that charges head-first into things with determined energy. Unfortunately, those born the final week of April through the most of May are not always as successful with the many endeavors they delve into.

A funny thing about this sign is that many of them are indeed voracious eaters, although that doesn’t mean they are particularly overweight. Careers that require full-steam ahead and possibly a modicum of stubbornness fit the bull well.

Here are some suggestions/ideas of good occupations for the Taurus:

  • Career Military/Officer Positions
  • Cafeteria Manager
  • Restaurant Owner/Chef
  • Doctor/Nurse/Chiropractic
  • Automotive Dealership or other sales
  • Art careers: Photography, Make=up artist, illustrator

♍ Virgo

Many people tend to confuse the virgin of this sign with a water sign due to the symbol being a virgin holding a vessel. Virgos are those born the final week of August throughout much of September and might just be one of the most amiable and most compassionate of all the zodiac signs. This is wherein the irony lies, however, as they can also be very picky and overly analytical when working with others.

Virgo will give the shirt off their back to another person in need, but this can be a pitfall if they become prey to a user. Virgoans make amazing employees because they have impressive critical thinking skills and are endlessly looking for ways to improve upon things. Virgoans need to move forward with caution in careers that require leadership that requires them to be “hard-nosed.”

It is suggested that Virgoans explore these careers:

  • Charitable Organization Director
  • Nursing/CNA/Home Care
  • Environmentalist
  • Veterinarian
  • Ranch/Farm/Agricultural Leader
  • social Worker/Foster Parent

♑ Capricorn

The sign of the goat is pretty much like its sure-footed four-legged creature that can climb mountains. Those born under this sign tend to be quite organized and determined. This is obviously positive, but their downfall can occasionally be too optimistic and idealistic when forming objectives. Capricorn is usually successful working in occupations that others might find monotonous.

Here are some careers well-suited to the goat:

  • Managerial in retail, food service/ shift leaders
  • Culinary Arts/Chef
  • Cartography/Architecture
  • Meteorologist
  • Aviation jobs/Pilot
  • Agricultural Farm/Ranch Lead

As aforementioned, these guidelines and suggestions are not rigid, but they certainly can be traced with some solid empirical evidence via surveys of those persons who have been in the workforce for a good period of time.

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