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Article: The Secret to Making Positive Changes Stick

The Secret to Making Positive Changes Stick - Feed Your Spirit

The Secret to Making Positive Changes Stick

Whatever you believe is true!

If you’ve ever tried and failed to make positive changes in your life, the reason often isn’t lack of effort or motivation.

It’s because you still feel and believe that you are the old version of yourself, so your new desires don’t match with who you think you are, this is what makes it so difficult to create a lasting change.

For example,

If you’re seeking more money, the hardest way to achieve this goal is to say I will make an extra $10,000 this month.

A better way would be to say, I will work an extra 4 hours a day to make an extra $10,000 a month

But the problem with these statements is, you would have to think you are the type of person who works long hours or has a way to create that extra income.

As this is not your current reality, you are fighting the beliefs of who you are now, you don’t believe or feel you are the person who is making this extra money.

In fact, many times setting a goal that you don’t’ believe you can reach will unleash your negative thoughts on the subject, and your results can snowball in the opposite direction.

Something that could be simple for you to achieve becomes an uphill battle, and eventually, you lose motivation and give up.

So how do you change your beliefs about who you are?

You need to reprogram yourself into believing you are a different version of yourself.

Remember, whatever you believe is true.

When you repetitively repeat a statement, it eventually will become true for you.

For example

If you constantly think “ I never have enough money” your finances will continue to reflect this belief.

If you think instead “Money flows to me in unexpected ways” you are creating a new belief pattern to match what you are asking for.

You need to program the positive beliefs into your mind, and with repetition, these new positive beliefs will eventually replace your old set of beliefs.

So how can you change your beliefs on who you are?

This is where Tappermation eft tapping meditations come in.

Tappermation uses repeated power affirmations with EFT body tapping which when combined helps to reprogram your beliefs fast! And that’s not all, the music in Tappermation is embedded with powerful Brainwave Frequencies to help you enter a hyper-suggestive meditative state.

These three powerful techniques are jam-packed into each 15-minute tapping session to help you reprogram your belief systems fast.

Imagine being able to set a goal, reprogram your beliefs towards that goal, then effortlessly reach it.

Imagine being able to receive everything you want in life without struggle or self-doubt.

Imagine how wonderful your new life can be…

Try Tapping Now ➜

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