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Article: How Meditation Changes The Brain

How Meditation Changes The Brain - Feed Your Spirit

How Meditation Changes The Brain

Meditation is an incredible tool to help you relax and feel centered, but can it actually change your brain? The answer is yes!

The mental benefits of meditation have been proven through countless studies, and the research regarding this correlation is still occurring today. A study from UCLA even found that as they aged, long-term meditators had better-preserved brains than non-meditators.

So, you may be wondering, “How exactly does meditation change my brain?” The truth is, there are a lot of different mental progressions that take place due to the art of meditation alone, let's dive right in.

Meditation’s Effect on Different Parts of the Brain

Research shows that meditation actually nurtures the brain, causing positive psychological change for the various people who practice it. Here are how different parts of the brain have been proven to react to meditation.

How Meditation Changes The Brain

Posterior Cingulate

This part of the mind controls how often our thoughts wander and our perception of self relevance, a very interesting combination.

When this part of the brain grows and gets stronger, the mind wanders less and we have a better grasp of our sense of self. Meditation is known for increasing the density of the Posterior Cingulate.

Left Hippocampus

This part of the brain is responsible for learning, as well as emotional regulators in regards to empathy and self-awareness.

Studies have shown that due to meditation, the cortical thickness of the Hippocampus grows in volume and allows these important functions to be nurtured.

The Temporo Parietal Junction (TPJ)

This part of the brain is associated with empathy and compassion, meaning it focuses more on others than ones’ self.

By combining this part of the brain with the known benefits of meditation - less stress and more inner peace - you can take flying leaps toward being the outstanding character you strive to be.


There really is no question that meditation is good for both the soul and the mind, but it’s a little easier to understand when you break down the science.

Now, you can go practice meditation and know for sure that your brain is progressing positively as you put yourself into a state of beautiful mindfulness.

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