A Guided Meditation for Kids

Ages 5 - 11 | 15:00 Minutes

This Guided Meditation for kids begins with a gentle relaxation and breathing technique, followed by positive affirmations.

FUN TIP! When the meditation has completed, we have added some fun animal videos to engage your child, this will help to motivate them into wanting to meditate again.

Positive affirmations included are for

✶ Grades in School
✶ Positive self-esteem
✶ Family and friendships
✶ Happiness
✶ General well being

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Guided Meditation for kids can help your children relax and focus just as it can for adults. It can also help to improve how well they do in school. It has even been known to help children who have behavior issues.

Children's Meditation may help with behavior, promote healthy self-esteem, help your children with their confidence and achieving better grades in school, we recommend using this meditation daily for best results.

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