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Article: Why Meditation Should Be Taught In Schools

Why Meditation Should Be Taught In Schools - Feed Your Spirit

Why Meditation Should Be Taught In Schools

Many adults meditate to relax, get focused and to relieve stress. Meditation is an easy way to relax and clear your mind. But, can meditation be good for kids, as well? It actually can be! Meditation can help your children relax and focus just as it can for adults. It can also help to improve how well they do in school. It has even been known to help children who have behavior issues. So, perhaps this is why Meditation should be taught in schools.

Helps with Behavior

Kids Meditation is not a new concept. However, meditation has primarily been associated as an activity or practice that only adults do. Children who meditate have become calmer and more well-behaved than children who do not meditate. This is especially true for children who have behavioral disorders such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome and Hyperactivity. Meditation can help kids with these disorders tremendously. It teaches them to sit still and focus on something positive that will get them to want to behave better.

WATCH: A Guided Meditation for Kids

For instance, positive reinforcement is usually used to reinforce good behavior. The same can happen with meditation. When a child sits calmly and focuses on something that they like to be rewarded for or rewarded with then they will be able to teach themselves that having good behavior is a positive thing that they will want to work towards as a goal. Teaching them to focus on something calm such as water or a quiet place will help them to learn to stay calm when they normally would otherwise act out or become restless. If they continue to remember that calming image then they will be able to remain calm and be able to sit still and not misbehave.

Promotes Healthy Self-Esteem

Many children experience low self-esteem. This is especially the case for pre-teens and teenagers. However, younger children can also experience low self-esteem. They may feel like they are not as good as their peers because they don’t have the exact same high-end toys or designer clothes. Children can be very cruel towards each other especially when it comes to material things. This is where meditation can once again be very helpful for a child or adolescent. Meditation will help them to focus on themselves in a positive aspect. They will learn a positive thought and mantra that they can repeat to themselves when they feel down about themselves. Meditation will teach them to feel good about themselves from the inside out.

Better Grades in School

Meditation can even improve your child’s school work. It will help them to focus and be more attentive. It will help them achieve goals so that they will work harder on their school work to encourage themselves to get better grades. They will be able to tell themselves through meditation that they can get it done and can do well at it. Their test scores will be higher and they will also have better time management when it comes to doing their homework.

Guided Meditation for kids can work in many ways. It can make an improvement in both their lives and yours. If your child has any issues with behavior or self-esteem then mediation would benefit them greatly. If you want to see them excel in school then you should definitely consider signing them up for a meditation program.

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