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Article: How to Choose the Right Meditation Music

How to Choose the Right Meditation Music - Feed Your Spirit

How to Choose the Right Meditation Music

Meditation music is a wonderful way to meditate without the interruption of thought. While listening to Meditation music you are able to connect to your higher self in a way that just isn’t as easy when using a guided meditation track. Why is this? Because when you are listening to a voice while mediating you are still involved in some thought as you follow along. While Guided Meditation is a great way to meditate for specific purposes such as reprogramming thought patterns, Meditation Music should be chosen when you want to connect deeply with yourself.

So how do you choose the right meditation music?

With so many available options the music you choose depends on what goal you are trying to achieve, for example, meditation music can contain binaural beats which help your mind to relax, or it can be tuned to a specific frequency that your brain will match. Here is a handy guide to the various audios you can choose from to help you decide on which meditation music you should choose.

Chakra Meditation Music

This music is composed in the specific key that works on the chakra you are focused on, for example, the Heart Chakra will be composed in the key of F to awaken the Heart Chakra. Chakra meditation is focused on bringing relaxation, balance, and well-being to the chakras. The Chakras are the body’s main seven energy centers, each one corresponds to glands that are tied into specific body parts. If your chakras are blocked it can result in physical and emotional problems, chakra meditation music is a wonderful way to unblock these energy centers. Read: Which Chakra do I need to Balance

Meditation Music with Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a scientific method of bringing one’s brainwaves into sync using rapid pulses of light or sound. It mimics the effects of deep meditation by changing the brain’s frequency from normal, everyday Beta frequencies (between 13 and 30 Hz) to Alpha frequencies (between 8 and 13 Hz) or Theta frequencies (between 4 and 8 Hz) — Entrainment slows the mind’s brainwave frequencies to these levels to achieve complete synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain. The ancient cultures of the world all had methods of manipulating brainwave frequencies, from Sufi chanting to Native American drum circles.

Meditation Timers

Meditation timers are simply a bell or tone that starts and ends a silent meditation, this can be useful if you wish to time your meditations and meditate in complete silence.

Meditation Music with Nature Sounds

There is nothing more relaxing than being in nature when in nature you are tuned to the harmony of the planet. Choosing meditation music that contains the sounds of nature, such as birds, wind or the ocean can give you the same relaxing benefits as if you were actually there. This is great for people who live in big cities or don’t have the opportunity to be in nature as often as needed.

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